Savitri's path of righteous living centers around the spiritual upliftment of each and every person she encounters. As a kundalini yoga teacher, Savitri brings the potency of over thirty years of spiritual study and practice; meditation, an in-depth study of Tai Chi and Chi Kung, as well as her expertise in Kundalini Yoga. Savitri is honored and grateful to have studied with many great teachers, including the renowned Yogi Hari Kaur, of HariNYC, who led Yoga Teacher Training for Yogi Bhajan for many years, and continues to train yoga teachers worldwide. Kundalini yoga is a yoga of awareness that awakens the kundalini and aligns our entire being with Eternal Source. This technology uses physical movements - (kriyas), mantra & sound current (Naad Yoga), breath work (pranayam), and meditation to acheive this radical transformation of consciousness. Savitri is able to transmit her passion, joy and commitment to truth through this time tested Raj (royal) yoga, which empowers all who attend her classes, workshops and retreats.


September 22, 2014, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Kundalini Yoga - Student Center Quad